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Welcome to the Survival: Finale Wiki, a wiki dedicated to the Survival game created on by the user Davidii. This wiki will offer tips, tricks, and recipes to help you survive your stay in the survival world! Feel free to help us out by contributing your own pages.

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November's featured recipe is the Spear. A useful tool, the spear can be used only once but is almost a one hit kill. It especially helpful when hunting, where only one is required to kill a deer or chicken.


1. Gather 1 Small Stone and one Branch.

2. Select Small Stone as Ingredient 1. Select "Sharp Stone."

3. Select branch as Ingredient 1 and Sharp Stone as Ingredient 2. Select "Spear."

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The forge is a large stone structure that can create large amounts of heat. It is the best tool for smelting metal, but not reccomended when cooking, or the meat will be burned... (read more)

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